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  • Vendor: Via Aqua

Via Aqua Titanium Heater

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Product description

Via Aqua Titanium Aquarium Heaters feature a new and improved design to make temperature control easier than ever. The durable, lightweight titanium heating tube connects to an easy-to-read LCD controller, featuring built-in memory, automatic shutoff, and a range of 64-88 degrees (F).

  • Titanium heating tube with easy-to-read LCD controller
  • Built-in memory of last set temperature
  • Auto shut-off at temperatures over 90 keeps fish safe
  • Temperature range of 64-88 degrees (F)
  • For use in salt and freshwater aquariums

The built-in memory feature makes it easy to maintain a consistent temperature. Upon each connection of power, the heater will automatically return to the last temperature setting.

Via Aqua Titanium Heater Specifications:
100 Watt Heater is 8" Long - For Aquariums up to 25 Gallons
200 Watt Heater is 9.5" Long - For Aquariums up to 50 Gallons
300 Watt Heater is 10.5" Long - For Aquariums up to 80 Gallons
500 Watt Heater is 15.5" Long - For Aquariums up to 130 Gallons

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Via Aqua Titanium Heater