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  • Vendor: Rio

Rio Pro-Filter Sponge Replacement Pack

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Product description

Sponge Replacement Pack for the Rio Pro-Filter. These pre-filter sponges are designed for Rio Water Pumps, Canister Filters, and Aquaclear 70 and 110 filters. Can also work for Aqueon and other larger hang-on-back filters as well. The pre-filer coarseness is 40 PPI, Fine. Ideal for filtering out small and fine particles.

  • Ideal for Pond, Aquarium, Freshwater, and Marine environments
  • Pro Filter Sponge Dimensions: 5.5"L x 3.5" Outer Diameter
  • Intake hole: 1.5" Wide
  • Inner Length: 4.5" Long - The Intake hole is not all the way through
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Rio Pro-Filter Sponge Replacement Pack