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  • Sku: S10250
  • Vendor: Lees

Lees 2-Way Breeder Multi Purpose Guppy Breeder

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Product description

Lees Two-Way Breeding Tank keeps newborn fry safely separated from the mother and other aquarium fish. Ideal for guppies, egg-layers, and livebearers, the tank floats freely in the aquarium and features wide side vents for optimal water circulation.

  • Multi-purpose guppy breeder
  • Keeps newborn fry safe from mother and other fish
  • Isolation tank for injured or aggressive fish
  • Small 2 Way Breeder Tank Dimensions: 6.75"L x 3"W x 3"H
  • Made in the USA

The removable "V" partition automatically and safely separates fry from the mother. Wide-slotted vents facilitate healthy water flow, bringing fresh water and oxygen to fry. Air tanks on the sides keep the tank suspended at the surface of the water and allow it to float freely. Includes lid.

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Lees 2-Way Breeder Multi Purpose Guppy Breeder