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  • Sku: WL29292
  • Vendor: GloFish

GloFish Cycle Light Color Changing LED Light

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Product description

The Glofish Cycle Light is a color changing LED fixture for small aquariums with white, blue, and black LEDs and 4 unique light modes. Cycle through Sunlight, Moonlight, Midnight, and Twilight modes to create a stunning effect that perfectly complements your tank.

  • Color-changing light with white, black and blue LEDs
  • 4 light modes: Sunlight, Moonlight, Midnight and Twilight
  • Highlights the fluorescent colors of Glofish pets and decor
  • Lights are 10" long

Sunlight Mode features vivid colors that look great with any decor and fish; Moonlight Mode makes decor and fish fluoresce in the light; Midnight Mode makes Glofish cycle light decor change colors; and Twilight Mode cycles between Moonlight and Midnight Modes for optimum color-changing effects.

Quick Installation:
1. Clip LED light into the front of the aquarium frame.
2. Hide wires with routing clips.
3. Plug in and make a drip loop for safety.
4. Place hood or canopy on aquarium.

Waterproof LED light
Frame clip
Cord routing clips (2)
Light mode button
Low-voltage transformer
Safety manual

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GloFish Cycle Light Color Changing LED Light