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  • Sku: TA01677
  • Vendor: WavePoint

WavePoint Cut to Fit Micro Poly Filter Pad

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Product description

This cut-to-fit aquarium filter media pad is made of durable poly fiber material perfect for aquarium use. These can be used in any type of filter or sump. The structure of the Cut-to-fit poly fiber filter is ideal for removing free-floating particles. Removal of waste from aquarium water not only clarifies but also eliminates pollutants before they deteriorate into toxic chemicals.

  • Poly Filter Pad Dimensions: 18"L x 10"W
  • Easy to cut and fit in filter cartridges
  • Traps micro & macro organic particles, debris and excess fish food
  • Provides both mechanical and biological filtration
  • Helps clarify and eliminate pollutants
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WavePoint Cut to Fit Micro Poly Filter Pad