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Seachem Reef Strontium

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Reef Strontium's addition to reef aquariums aids the growth of corals, coralline algae, and other organisms that lay down a calcareous skeleton or shell, including tridacnid clams. Reef Strontium is intended to restore and maintain strontium to levels found within natural seawater without affecting pH. Strontium is utilized in the same manner as calcium and holds a similar importance in maintaining a vigorous level of growth.

  • Seachem Reef Strontium aids in healthy growth of corals and coralline algae
  • Restores and maintains strontium in reef aquariums
  • Gluconate complexation provides a rich source of metabolic energy

Reef Strontium contains 10,000 mg/L of available strontium as a gluconate complex. Gluconate complexation offers several benefits: it increases the bioavailability of the strontium, it provides a rich source of metabolic energy to help maintain peak coral growth, and it inhibits strontium precipitation/alkalinity depletion. Gluconate does not contain nitrogen or phosphorus, making it biologically impossible for it to lead to algae growth in a properly maintained reef system.

DIRECTIONS: Use 1 capful (5 mL) per 80 L (20 US gallons) twice a week.

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Seachem Reef Strontium