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  • Sku: S13020
  • Vendor: Lees

Lees Filter Saver Bag for Aquarium Filter Media

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Product description

Lees Filter Saver Bags are reusable, fine mesh filter bags that feature a drawstring for easy and secure bag closure. Use bag to hold carbon, ammonia remover, or any other filter media or resin.

  • Reusable, fine mesh filter bags
  • Saves filter media in the mesh bag
  • Includes convenient draw string to tie and keep media in bag
  • Helps prevent damage to equipment
  • Small Filter Bag Dimensions: 8"L x 4"W
  • Large Filter Bag Dimensions: 12"L x 4"W

Lees Filter Saver Bags help prevent costly damage to the power filter motor when being used in backpack filters. Also can be used to bury media in the gravel in under gravel filter systems.

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Lees Filter Saver Bag for Aquarium Filter Media