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Fluval Biological Enhancer Prevents Fish Loss

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Product description

Fluval Biological Enhancer Aquarium Supplement is a fast-acting, powerful army of beneficial bacteria that immediately inoculates aquarium water to create a safe environment for your fish. This all-natural product eliminated toxic ammonia and nitrites to maintain a well-balanced environment and prevent fish loss.

  • Prevents fish loss
  • Establishes a safe aquarium environment
  • Eliminates ammonia and nitrite
  • Safe for fresh and saltwater

Fluval Biological Enhancer is strongly recommended for new aquariums, as they lack the necessary concentrations of beneficial bacteria for proper metabolism of fish waste. It is a responsive biological aquarium supplement that releases massive amounts of beneficial bacteria to eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrites that would cause serious harm or death to your fish if left untreated. One treatment allows you to add fish to a new aquarium immediately. After the initial setup, continue with regular application to competitively exclude the establishment of undesirable or unhealthy bacteria in your tank. Fluvals unique and proprietary Bio-Floc technology provides consistent results and ensures product stability, efficacy and shelf life. High-quality production processes ensure that every container contains pure, safe bacterial colonies, free of undesirable contaminants.

Instructions for Use: Shake well before using.

  • 8.4 oz (250 ml) treats up to 500 gallons
  • 16.9 oz (500 ml) treats up to 1,000 gallons


  • New Aquariums:
    Day 1: 25 mL per 10 Gallons
    Day 2: 10 mL per 10 Gallons
    Day 3: 10 mL per 10 Gallons
  • After Adding New Fish and/or Medicating:
    10 ml per 10 Gallons
  • All Regular Maintenance Activities:
    5 ml per 10 Gallons
  • Weekly Dose to Maintain Strong Beneficial Biological Colony:
    5 ml per 10 Gallons
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Fluval Biological Enhancer Prevents Fish Loss