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Blue Life Clear FX

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Clear Fx Reef is an advanced comprehensive filter media for Reef Aquariums and is the only filter media needed to ensure the health, clarity, and stability of your Reef Aquarium. This specialized Reef Filtration media uses cutting-edge technology that specifically targets and removes organics that nuisance algae feeds on from your Reef. It does not strip important trace elements your Reef needs while polishing the water for crystal clear viewing. Clear Fx Reef raises redox (ORP), increased oxygen is beneficial to fish and coral vibrance and increased activity. New Formula has double the organic scavenger resin to produce clearer water and more algae removing benefits! You will be amazed by the resulting clarity and overall appearance of your aquarium and its inhabitants..

  • Increases Oxygen Levels
  • Removes irritants harmful to corals
  • Nearly dust-free (Minimal rinsing required!)
  • More oxygen = more energy for fish and coral
  • Greatly decreases need for water changes
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Blue Life Clear FX