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  • Sku: AT88149
  • Vendor: Aquatop

Aquatop SkyAqua Nano Slim LED Aquarium Light

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Product description

The Aquatop SkyAqua Nano SLIM LED Light for Rimless Aquariums, NLL-01, raises the bar for aquarium keepers by combining style and technology. Each specially engineered light mimics the shimmer of natural sunlight, produces minimal heat, offers a fanless design for pin-drop silence, and provides general illumination for your aquatic organisms. The SkyAqua Nano SLIM LED will clamp on any frameless aquarium up to 0.25 inches thick for a quick, low-profile installation.

  • Produces the Shimmer of Natural Sunlight
  • Adjustable intensity 6,700K daylight output
  • Splash guard and Multi-mode Power Switch
  • Fits frameless aquariums with glass width up to 0.25 inches
  • Quiet, Cool and Fanless
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Aquatop SkyAqua Nano Slim LED Aquarium Light